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Oxford Collection is a Tie and Suspenders brand dedicated to providing the finest and most selective accessories for Men at Work. Our products are made with love in selective silk, cotton and wool blends to combine heritage, originality and feel of modernity.

Available with checkered, plaid, striped and solid patterns, each tie is assembled by hand by our dedicated craftsmen. The Silk Selection by Oxford collection are 100% made of silk and provide its owner with a touch of originality and timeless style. The Cotton & Wool selections are made of the finest cotton and wool blends and are selected to accompany you both on a crisp walk or a business merger.

All our ties are designed to stand out from the rest, with a contemporary style that stay in touch with its classic roots.

The Oxford Collection company is a young start-up that is dedicated to serve its gentlemen customers with the most exclusive and stylish products. Don’t hesitate to stay in touch with us at contact@oxford-collection.com . We welcome comments, recommendations and new ideas for men at work!